i lunge you...

high lunge  

high lunge is one of my top 10 favourite poses. i use it in almost all of my classes one variation or another. it is a great transition pose, allowing you float into warrior III or simply ground into chair. lunge engages the lower body as you open through the heart center. high lunge opens the groin and hips as it strengthens the lower body, bringing length into the spine. simply allow yourself to explore lunge, notice what you feel and adjust, making this asana one of your favourite poses as well. 

tips and tricks

bring the hands to heart center if the shoulders are sore.

modify by lowering the back knee onto the mat, coming into low lunge.

add a twist.

step forward into chair, sit back and relax.

challenge yourself and explore your practice. be true to who you are. breathe into the discomfort and begin to find the ease within lunge. 

shine bright my friends,