yoga. why me?

i am often reminded daily what yoga has done for me. i overthink. i over analyze. i worry way too much. this creates fear and anxiety in my life. often taking over the power to think logically. 

yoga has allowed to me look at life one day at a time. to be present with my thoughts. to be present with my fears. to breathe and to feel. 

yoga has given me the power to breathe. to truly breathe. being aware of each breath. being aware of the feelings as i breathe. 

try this simple breathing technique

inhale for the count of 4  

hold for 1  

exhale for the count of 8  

find something that quiets the chatter. that opens the heart. relaxes the mind.

try walking outside in nature. sitting quietly. yoga. feeling grass beneath your feet.   

take time for yourself. it's important.  

shine bright my friends,