say what?! to mantras

how is everyone's meditation practice going? still going strong? if not, lets jazz things up.

adding mantras to your meditation

i aready know what you're thinking...what is a mantra? and how is it going to help my meditation practice?  

well let me answer those questions for you. 

what is a mantra?

a mantra is an instrument of the mind, a powerful sound or vibration that you can use to enter a deep state of meditation. a word or series of words repeated over and over again, silently or out loud


  • fills the mind with positive intentions and actions, therefore eliminating negativety  
  • encourages you to be present 
  • reduces the mind chatter a.k.a monkey mind
  • helps with concentration well meditating 

seeking out a mantra

mantras can change from day to day, shut down the over thinking and look within. choose a mantra that resonates with you, within this moment. 

here are a few mantras to help get your creative juices flowing. remember...less is more. 

i am ground.  

i am present within myself.  

i am enough. 

peace. peace. peace.  

OM - recharge the soul with 3 OMs  

with this being said...take it one day at a time. letting go of the expectations, taking a step back and embracing whatever comes your way.  

happy meditating!  

shine on my friends,