sit back, it's chair time!

chair - utkatasana (sanskrit) 

if you have been to one of my classes, you would know that chair pose is one of my favorite asanas to teach and to just simply be in. chair pose challenges both the body and mind, building strength in your thighs, calves and feet as well as stimulating the mind and increasing willpower. as you sink into utkatasana, simply breathe and feel your awareness expand. explore chair. feel it. breathe into it. 

tips and tricks

float the toes. 

place a block between the thighs, gently squeeze the block for an added challenge. 

if the shoulders are tender, modify by bringing your hands to heart centre. 

try it. enjoy it. find a place of peace and breath into the discomfort and soon enough chair will be one of your favorite poses as well. 

shine bright my friends,