hey...lets mediate.

welcoming meditation into your life with open arms and a clear mind. 

i already know what you are thinking, Portia i don't have time to mediate and barley have time to pee, to think, to eat! and this could be true and you might be right but all you need is 2 minutes.

lets get started...

find a wonderful place to sit, prefebly quite and with no distractions. 

sit. you're welcome to sit on the floor, resting your back against a wall or in a chair. find comfort.

place your hands in your lap or on your knees.

set a timer. start with two minutes and slowly build from there. slowly increasing your time each week, building up to 20 minutes. remembering it will not happen over night.

close your eyes.

breathe. enough said.

hey! look you're mediating! 

tricks and tips  

mediate in the morning - you're alert and ready to rumble  

mindful breathing - inhale deeply through the nose and slowly exhale through the nose continuing to keep your concentration on your breath

equal breathing - inhale count to 4, exhale count to 4

remember. you are not going to rid yourself of our thoughts, you are simply placing on the back burner and taking time for yourself   

think about it like this. our thoughts are currently blasting at volume 10, lets bring them down to whisper at volume 2. your thoughts are there, just at a lower vibration  

last but not least, breath easy and enjoy the experience. let go of the exceptions. let go of the chatter and just be. 

shine bright my friends,