nap time a.k.a savasana

savasana sanskrit for corpse pose.

after a strong vinyasa or lay back hatha, savasana is also the icing on the cake. typically done at the end of class, savasana is the time to relax, to reflect, to release. 

savasana is simple and yet so meaningful.

when resting in savasana, it gives you to time to just notice. to observe yourself as a whole. take a moment and scan the body, from the crown of the head to the tips of the toes. slowly becoming aware of what you are feeling both physically and mentally. take this time to let go. 

finding stillness in savasana. take a few moments and allow for your body to become heavy and your thoughts to be light. truly allow yourself to enjoy the stillness. coming back to the breath if the mind begins to wanders. 

benefits of savasana

  • calms the nervous system 
  • reduces high blood pressure
  • helps with headaches and fatigue
  • releasing tension within the shoulders and jaw 

take your time in savanna, give yourself at least 10 minutes to relax and unwind. really? whats the rush. simply lie on your back and close the eyes. take a few deep inhales and exhales and just be. 

simple. meaningful. savasana. 

shine bright,