a little about me...

I teach because I want to encourage people to reconnect with themselves. I want to bring people back, back to what makes them feel connected, present and happy . .

My husband. He continues to honour my dreams regardless how crazy they may be. He keeps me grounded when I feel lost and show my unconditional love and support. He is my rock and I couldn't ask for a better partner in crime. .

The connection to self. Throughout my day, I continue to collect unnecessary junk and the moment I'm on my mat, it allows me to let go and reconnect. I can quiet the chatter and simply breathe and move. .

Chair a.k.a. Uktasana .

Vacation in Hawaii .

Walking my dog. 

breathe deeply. close your eyes. connect.

nap time a.k.a savasana

savasana sanskrit for corpse pose.

after a strong vinyasa or lay back hatha, savasana is also the icing on the cake. typically done at the end of class, savasana is the time to relax, to reflect, to release. 

savasana is simple and yet so meaningful.

when resting in savasana, it gives you to time to just notice. to observe yourself as a whole. take a moment and scan the body, from the crown of the head to the tips of the toes. slowly becoming aware of what you are feeling both physically and mentally. take this time to let go. 

finding stillness in savasana. take a few moments and allow for your body to become heavy and your thoughts to be light. truly allow yourself to enjoy the stillness. coming back to the breath if the mind begins to wanders. 

benefits of savasana

  • calms the nervous system 
  • reduces high blood pressure
  • helps with headaches and fatigue
  • releasing tension within the shoulders and jaw 

take your time in savanna, give yourself at least 10 minutes to relax and unwind. really? whats the rush. simply lie on your back and close the eyes. take a few deep inhales and exhales and just be. 

simple. meaningful. savasana. 

shine bright, 



i lunge you...

high lunge  

high lunge is one of my top 10 favourite poses. i use it in almost all of my classes one variation or another. it is a great transition pose, allowing you float into warrior III or simply ground into chair. lunge engages the lower body as you open through the heart center. high lunge opens the groin and hips as it strengthens the lower body, bringing length into the spine. simply allow yourself to explore lunge, notice what you feel and adjust, making this asana one of your favourite poses as well. 

tips and tricks

bring the hands to heart center if the shoulders are sore.

modify by lowering the back knee onto the mat, coming into low lunge.

add a twist.

step forward into chair, sit back and relax.

challenge yourself and explore your practice. be true to who you are. breathe into the discomfort and begin to find the ease within lunge. 

shine bright my friends, 


yoga. why me?

i am often reminded daily what yoga has done for me. i overthink. i over analyze. i worry way too much. this creates fear and anxiety in my life. often taking over the power to think logically. 

yoga has allowed to me look at life one day at a time. to be present with my thoughts. to be present with my fears. to breathe and to feel. 

yoga has given me the power to breathe. to truly breathe. being aware of each breath. being aware of the feelings as i breathe. 

try this simple breathing technique

inhale for the count of 4  

hold for 1  

exhale for the count of 8  

find something that quiets the chatter. that opens the heart. relaxes the mind.

try walking outside in nature. sitting quietly. yoga. feeling grass beneath your feet.   

take time for yourself. it's important.  

shine bright my friends,  


say what?! to mantras

how is everyone's meditation practice going? still going strong? if not, lets jazz things up.

adding mantras to your meditation

i aready know what you're thinking...what is a mantra? and how is it going to help my meditation practice?  

well let me answer those questions for you. 

what is a mantra?

a mantra is an instrument of the mind, a powerful sound or vibration that you can use to enter a deep state of meditation. a word or series of words repeated over and over again, silently or out loud


  • fills the mind with positive intentions and actions, therefore eliminating negativety  
  • encourages you to be present 
  • reduces the mind chatter a.k.a monkey mind
  • helps with concentration well meditating 

seeking out a mantra

mantras can change from day to day, shut down the over thinking and look within. choose a mantra that resonates with you, within this moment. 

here are a few mantras to help get your creative juices flowing. remember...less is more. 

i am ground.  

i am present within myself.  

i am enough. 

peace. peace. peace.  

OM - recharge the soul with 3 OMs  

with this being said...take it one day at a time. letting go of the expectations, taking a step back and embracing whatever comes your way.  

happy meditating!  

shine on my friends,  


sit back, it's chair time!

chair - utkatasana (sanskrit) 

if you have been to one of my classes, you would know that chair pose is one of my favorite asanas to teach and to just simply be in. chair pose challenges both the body and mind, building strength in your thighs, calves and feet as well as stimulating the mind and increasing willpower. as you sink into utkatasana, simply breathe and feel your awareness expand. explore chair. feel it. breathe into it. 

tips and tricks

float the toes. 

place a block between the thighs, gently squeeze the block for an added challenge. 

if the shoulders are tender, modify by bringing your hands to heart centre. 

try it. enjoy it. find a place of peace and breath into the discomfort and soon enough chair will be one of your favorite poses as well. 

shine bright my friends,  


hey...lets mediate.

welcoming meditation into your life with open arms and a clear mind. 

i already know what you are thinking, Portia i don't have time to mediate and barley have time to pee, to think, to eat! and this could be true and you might be right but all you need is 2 minutes.

lets get started...

find a wonderful place to sit, prefebly quite and with no distractions. 

sit. you're welcome to sit on the floor, resting your back against a wall or in a chair. find comfort.

place your hands in your lap or on your knees.

set a timer. start with two minutes and slowly build from there. slowly increasing your time each week, building up to 20 minutes. remembering it will not happen over night.

close your eyes.

breathe. enough said.

hey! look you're mediating! 

tricks and tips  

mediate in the morning - you're alert and ready to rumble  

mindful breathing - inhale deeply through the nose and slowly exhale through the nose continuing to keep your concentration on your breath

equal breathing - inhale count to 4, exhale count to 4

remember. you are not going to rid yourself of our thoughts, you are simply placing on the back burner and taking time for yourself   

think about it like this. our thoughts are currently blasting at volume 10, lets bring them down to whisper at volume 2. your thoughts are there, just at a lower vibration  

last but not least, breath easy and enjoy the experience. let go of the exceptions. let go of the chatter and just be. 

shine bright my friends, 



well this is my first blog post ever!...so welcome! take a look around, be nosey. feel free to share it with friends, coworkers and even people you're not so fond of. help me get the word out there, letting everyone what i have to offer. 

now i know what your thinking...what is Portia even going to blog about and well i thought that too. so here are a few things that have been running around in my head...

  • meditation - the who, the what and the where now 
  • yoga - the good, the bad and everything in between 
  • reiki - answering the questions that often get missed

with that being said...keep your eyes open, your heart ready to receive and your mind clear for the wonderful insights to come. 

shine bright my friends,